Under the aegis of
the Board of Directors, Indian Schools in Oman
Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching



SAMRIDDHI  is a Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching that seeks to develop collaborative initiatives across Indian Schools in Oman that fosters best practices in teaching and learning.

Variety of courses, programmes and workshops are offered for the students and teachers of Indian Schools Oman based on the contemporary needs. These programmes are designed to encourage discussion of ideas; sharing of questions, information, and best practices; and ongoing teacher’s professional development.

  • Promote the development of effective, student-centered teaching strategies and technologies
  • Support faculty use of academic technology
  • Encourage classroom research
  • Celebrate and share best teaching practices
  • Respond to students and faculty needs as they arise


The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching will place Indian Schools Oman as world class schools with best teaching and learning practices.


• Empower students of Indian Schools in Oman become lifelong learners
• Provide quality education based on contemporary needs
• Support teachers as skilled professionals with strong digital literacy skills
• Serve as a resource for developing, evaluating and rewarding teaching excellence
• Provide best practices in instruction and course design
• Host teaching conferences and transformational teaching programmes
• Train faculty who will facilitate teaching development cohorts within their own schools


Excellence, Collaboration, Innovation, Service with Embracing diversity and inclusion


1. Ensure excellence in teaching by promoting a culture of academic excellence and providing professional development opportunities to the teachers of Indian Schools in Oman.
2. Provide professional development for teachers to support the implementation of best practices in teaching and learning.
3. Supervise awards for excellence in teaching
4. Provide opportunities for reflection on pedagogical practices
5. Assess the needs of teachers and provide training courses to enhance professional competency at par with 21st century educational needs.

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